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2019 Year wrap up!

The past year has been a year full of changes for Yes, Your Grace and the Brave at Night team. A lot has happened and the entire year has just whizzed past quicker than anyone would have thought. For the last post of the year we’d like to do a wrap up of this year and share a little bit more of an insight into the process of bringing Yes, Your Grace back to life.

It all started one year ago today, in Poland…

Me (Alina) and Rafal were living in a big old house in a tiny village called Kamienica. It was a winter unlike any other we have seen. Meters of snow were piling outside every day, and the only way to heat the house was the old way - by making a fire in a fireplace every day (and it was not the cosy type). The only reasons for going outside and bearing the freezing temperatures (-20C) was to either visit the mountains or to stock up on food in a tiny local grocery shop. Dealing with anything in these conditions took a lot more time and effort than we would have thought, but we were there for a reason. It was a place that allowed us to live with minimal expenses, and make our savings last for longer. This meant Rafal could go full time working on Yes, Your Grace.

Moving the game to Unity.

After making a rough demo of the game in AGS and the initial talk with No More Robots, we have decided to scrap the whole thing and move the game to Unity. The porting started in December, and took about two months. At the start of 2019, once we knew that moving the game to a new engine is feasible and things were for sure closed off with the previous publisher, Brave at Night and No More Robots agreed to partner together to finish the game.

Moving back to the UK.

By Spring 2019 we were living in Poland for almost a year. The winter kept on going strong and we have decided we’ve had enough of the rough weather. We were missing our families and we needed better working conditions. The game development was going very smoothly, signing a contract with the publisher was just on the horizon, and things were looking very promising. One day, we just packed our things and drove back to the UK.

Signing a publishing deal.

In summer, we have announced the resurrection of the project and after months of paperwork we had finally signed the deal with No More Robots. We have also found our own place near the Scottish highlands, where we could peacefully continue working on the game.

Game announcement and EGX

In October we have officially announced the partnership with No More Robots with a new trailer. We have received a massive wave of positive feedback and amounts of wishlists we couldn’t have dreamt of. Shortly after that, we showed the game at EGX London, our first ever show, and it was amazing!


Not long ago we have done a public Beta to see what people think about the game. Nearly 4000 people played the beta and again, we have received an amazing feedback! 87% of people said they would rate the game 4 or 5 stars!

Right Now

We are now in the last stretch of finishing adding content. We are planning to release the game in early 2020, we are also working on some very exciting things right now that we can’t share just yet, but stay tuned, because 2020 is definitely going to be our year.

With that, we hope you have enjoyed this little wrap up and we would all like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Alina and Brave at Night Team!

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Five Nights At Freddy's
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Jun 27

Dealing with anything in these conditions required far more time and effort than we had anticipated, but we were there for a cause.

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May 23

It was a place that allowed us to live with minimal expenses, and make our savings last for longer. geometry dash lite

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