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Our Story

We are an independent games studio based in Manchester focusing on learning and pushing boundaries of what is possible, always striving to improve the quality of our work - we’re brave like that! Founded in 2015, Brave At Night aims to develop impactful games that stay with players for years. With a soft spot for pixels, humour, and cute animals.

Our team is a very ambitious bunch and Yes, Your Graces' success allowed us to keep working on projects we love. With our new upcoming game (just announced - check it out!), we strive to innovate and ensure that visuals, gameplay and narrative are reaching new heights and standards. Check our jobs page if you’re interested in joining our team and work on new and exciting projects that will shake up the industry!

In 2021 we published Mind Scanners created by The Outer Zone. Being developers ourselves we know what it's like to work on your dream-game, how precious it is and what problems you may face. We also know what to do to make sure your game is profitable.

Our games were well received, played by top YouTubers and Streamers, released on consoles, came to Xbox Game Pass and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. As a pro-active publisher, releasing the game on Steam is not the end of our work. We make sure that the game keeps generating income through new ports, ongoing sales, deals with third parties and more! Our team continuously keeps up with the most recent trends and market needs, and we would never offer a deal we wouldn’t want to sign ourselves.


we make games, we publish games
we're BRAVE

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